Tribute to Edith Marie Peters Kool

(b. January 3, 1942; d. November 15, 2009)

In the fall of 1976 I met, at Toronto United Mennonite Church, a young mother of 3 daughters who were close in age to our children. Between our 2 families we had 7 children ages 3 to 12! We became friends. Edith’s good humour, sensitivity, intelligence and Christian values were quickly evident. We had fun times sailing on Lake Ontario, Easter Sunday dinners at our house in Richmond Hill, picnics and playing games at either home.

Edith was a committed member of our congregation serving as congregational chair, teaching Sunday school for many years, organizing funeral receptions and hosting many weekly coffee hours.

Our lives separated when we moved to Calgary, Alberta. In the fall of 2006 we relocated to Toronto and my connection with Edith resumed. Edith and Pieter’s children were now grown and away from home so Edith involved herself in other worthwhile endeavors like the Public Library where she developed her gift for story telling. The Ten Thousand Villages store in Oakville, Ontario benefited from her enjoyment in learning of the artisans from Third World countries and her delight in selling their products here in Canada.

Edith continued to be an example of faith even as she was dying. From January 2009 to November 2009 Edith showed composure, peace and an acceptance of her circumstances that was an inspiration.

In honour of Edith a donation has been made to the Pennies & Prayer Legacy Fund of Mennonite Women Canada.

Erna Neufeldt