Pennies and Prayer Legacy Fund

What is it? How did it start? Why continue?

The Pennies and Prayer Legacy Fund began in 1935 as “Two Pennies and a Prayer,” a compassionate outreach of the Women’s Missionary Association. It particularly addressed concerns for international mission workers by inviting women to donate two pennies a week and to pray on a regular basis. The pennies went into providing funds for returning North American missionaries.

There was no way to tally the prayers, but the pennies could be counted. In 1953 the fund stood at $65,000. The funds were distributed as needed, but the introduction of the Old Age Security programs in the US and Canada reduced the urgency for disbursement. Even so the fund continued to grow.

Over the years organizations have grown and changed and in 2000 the Pennies and Prayer Fund was divided and entrusted to Mennonite Women USA and Mennonite Women Canada. At the time the Canadian fund totalled $70,000.

Today we remember our mothers and grandmothers, who met in their sewing circles and were concerned for the spiritual and physical well being of others. We remember them by continuing their collection of pennies and prayers.

The Pennies and Prayer Legacy Fund is administered by Mennonite Women Canada, an organization of and for women in Mennonite Church Canada congregations. We include women of all ages and walks of life who seek to connect with each other for fellowship, nurture and service for others and God.

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