Roots and Mission

God has always worked through women in the church. Records of the early church reveal that women were of core importance to the church as they joined to pray, study the Scriptures, nurture and support each other in their Christian walk.

The Middle Ages saw the rise of communities of sisters who lived together in convents as a ministry to the church. In the late 19th and 20th century, women of Mennonite congregations formed groups to support missionaries and help the work of their local churches.

In Canada, women’s groups started meeting formally in the late 1800’s. Countless acts of compassion, service, personal support and prayer have been freely given - meals for new parents and sick, baby/bridal showers, quilt making, staffing Thrift Shops, serving funeral luncheons and supporting mission workers at home and abroad have been and are everyday activities. Our churches continue to be enriched by support for our camps and schools through scholarships and practical improvements. Our testaments of faith have been expressed through Bible study, dramas, musical programs and writings. We have a rich legacy of “caring for body and soul”.

As opportunities and circumstances change, we adapt how we pursue our mission what we choose to support. For example, today’s society is more mobile, and technology allows us to connect over great distances - but there we risk diminishing
 our local relationships. Today we can exercise our talents in ways our grandmothers would have found hard to imagine.

What has not changed is the interest women have in exercising their talents in the work of being the church, the body of Christ, today. You are invited to join with us – the enthusiastic, energetic, and inspired Mennonite Women Canada – as we build and strengthen the church together.